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I started making music when I was 4 years old, I definitely wasn't any good at the time but it's fair to say that I've come a long way over the last 20 years! Music has always been a massive part of who I am and I really can't imagine what I'd do without it.

After 5 years of teaching myself a couple of instruments, I moved onto making beats at 9 years old. I used to use this naff old software to put loops together, then bounce them down into little mixtapes for my family to listen to in the car. Christmas presents were always easy as you knew what you were getting from me - a beat tape. I found some of them a few weeks ago and spent a good few hours laughing at the dodgy drum samples and 90's sounding vocals. Again, it's been a long journey from there.

My main passion is production and mixing, there are so many creative ways you can shape a song once it's been written. I believe that every sound you hear in a track has its own personality and the music is just a conversation between those personalities. It's my job to make that conversation as interesting  as possible.

As well as producing I've DJ'ed at clubs and events across London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Coventry,  Amsterdam and Berlin. It's always really cool to check out the different sounds that people in those areas are into and I'm always massively influenced by how people absorb those rhythms.

I head up Ikigai Music and take care of writing, producing, mixing, mastering and promoting the music as well as co-ordinating and editing the videos and running the website and social channels so it's fair to say I'm a busy guy! I've also worked a full time job for the last 5 years but in all honesty I'm an absolute nerd and love the grind.

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