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Music With Meaning

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We Want To Make GREAT Music

What would life be without music? For centuries humans have danced, sang, consumed and created. We believe that in every person is a deep set need to have fun and it's our goal to unlock that. We are a group of like minded creative individuals that want to bring people together to enjoy life.

We live in a world where music is all around us, on our phones, on our favourite Netflix show, on our Instagram feed but the one thing that makes music stand out is quality. Over hundreds of years, we as creatives have developed tried and tested methods that make music sound great. When you take these methods and mix them with forward thinking, boundary-pushing innovation, you make something that runs deeper than a song. You create nostalgia, lasting memories and music that people love.

Ikigai is an independent London based production house with sole creative and management control. We have 10 years of industry experience.

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Music is all about one thing, love. We want to create, fun, timeless music that you love to listen to. Please click the button below to check out the video for our latest track.

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Are you looking for a professional team to work with? Ikigai Records could help take your idea to the next level. Get in touch today.

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